Swiss Made Replica Cartier Has Joined Forces With French Singer Lou Doillon To Celebrate Their Baignoire Watch

Swiss fake Cartier has introduced French singer Lou Doillon as the face of their latest campaign, which celebrates the history of the iconic Baignoire watch.

And, alongside the announcement of this partnership, the maison is also spotlighting two new additions to the Baignoire line, which celebrate perfect replica Cartier’s dual identity as a jeweller and watchmaker.

The first design features a classic patent leather strap, as well as the signature yellow gold bezel around the luxury fake Cartier’s face.

The second takes on the shape of a bangle, with the strap transformed into a circle of solar gold designed to be slipped onto the wrist.

“As Cartier was a jeweller before being a watchmaker, a best 1:1 replica Cartier watch blurs the boundaries between these two founding crafts and makes it possible to capture the best of both,” Marie-Laure Cérède, Creative Director of Jewellery and Watchmaking explained.

The mini Baignoire embodies this fusion perfectly, with the elegance of a piece of jewellery and, of course, the seamless function of a traditional aaa quality fake Cartier watch.

The Swiss movement fake Cartier Baignoire watch, as it was named in 1973, was first introduced to Cartier’s repertoire of watches in 1912, when the maison created a rectangular case with rounded ends.

By 1958, this style had evolved into a “curved oval”, which, as the name suggests, curved slightly to fit the contours of the wrist. Then, in 1973, this had progressed into the emblematic design we know today, complete with signature details like a domed crystal, a dial featuring Roman numerals, and a smooth gold ribbon.

Perfectly describing exactly what it is about this style that is so enduring, Doillon said, “the elegance and chic of the sapphire, the sobriety of the dial, the timelessness of the form.”

And, as it turns out, her connection to this opulent design runs deep. In testament to this cult-status creation’s endurance, Doillon revealed, “For my eighteenth birthday, my mother gave me a top quality replica Cartier Baignoire watch.”

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