Daan Surrounds Himself With A Trio Of Luxury Replica Cartier CPCP Beauties

This article is completely based on homesickness. Once again, I’m spending the summer with my in-laws in Spain. Of course, I had to make a watch selection for the trip, and I left my perfect fake Cartier Santos back in Amsterdam. I think it was the right thing to do as it’s very warm here in Spain, and without any quick adjustment, it would’ve just stayed in my watch roll all the time. However, I do think of it every once in a while, so when I saw that a Pre-Owned Spotlight article was coming up, I knew what the theme would be. And why not make a little more special by just focusing on best 1:1 replica Cartier CPCP watches?

By the way, it’s not like I’m not happy with what’s on my wrist instead of the Santos. I’ve been wearing my super clone Rolex Explorer ref. 114270 non-stop, and to be honest, I couldn’t have wished for a better watch. This watch just does it all — the sea, lakes, pools, playgrounds…you name it! But sometimes it’s nice to just doze off and dream about some exceptional Swiss movement replica Cartier masterpieces that’ll probably never make it into my collection. The first one is a watch I tried on about a month ago when I met Farid, owner and founder of WatchWorks Haarlem.

Cartier Tank Obus CPCP
He had some 18mm leather straps on sale, and I was looking for a few new options for my Breguet Classique. That’s why I visited him in his peculiar and beautiful office inside a renovated jail. Before he showed me the straps, we talked about high end copy watches a bit. I brought a few of my watches as well, and Farid also showed me a few watches he currently has for sale. One of them was this high quality replica Cartier Tank Obus from the Collection Privée Cartier Paris. I had just seen another Tank Obus at a recent get-together, but this one was special.

Its 27mm × 27mm yellow gold case fits my wrist perfectly, but the guilloché dial is the thing that truly captivated me. When you search for the cheap fake Cartier Tank Obus online, you can definitely find some examples, but many don’t have a guilloché finish on the dial. If they do, the word “Mecanique” is often printed at 6 o’clock. This one is so clean, and it looks great on that dark blue leather strap. It matches perfectly with the blue cabochon in the crown. And its shape, in turn, matches very well with those characteristic mortar-shell lugs from which the top quality copy Cartier Tank Obus (“shell” in French) gets its name. This watch is for sale here for €14,950.

Distinctive Cartier CPCP Replica Watches With Turtle Cases Online Sale

CPCP is very unique in the history of Cartier, while it is also ephemeral. The attractive collection was launched in 1998 and it disappeared in 2008. Among those few CPCP watches, the one that combines the appearance, function, movement and stories must be the “Monopoussoir”.

The blue hands and black Roman numerals hour markers ensure the good readability.
Perfect Cartier CPCP Knockoff Watches

In 1928, Cartier launched a first chronograph that adopted the special turtle case, Breguet hands, Roman numerals hour markers and special movement from Jaeger-LeCoultre. As the classic model in brand’s history, the “Monopoussoir” was naturally reproduced after the CPCP launched in 1998. In addition to the turtle case, the most distinctive part of this fake model with silver dial is the single button chronograph.

The Cartier CPCP watches have attracted numerous watch collectors.
Blue Hands Replica Cartier CPCP

The reason why this “Monopoussoir” is a different CPCP is that its movement is quite impressive. The movement of the antique  “Monopoussoir” is from the Jaeger-LeCoultre. While the CPCP special edition can’t find the suitable movement. Eventually Cartier found THA, which was founded by Vianney Halter、Denis Flageollet and FP.Journe. The other models of CPCP are all modified by Cartier purchased from other brands, and only this CPCP copy with brown leather strap is customized by Cartier