Cartier Uses E-peas Energy Harvesting PMIC For Solar-powered Fake Watches Online Wholesale

Luxury watch maker AAA US Cartier replica watches is using a custom energy harvesting power management IC (PMIC) from e-peas for its new Tank watch range enabling long-term energy autonomy.

1:1 luxury Cartier fake watches, part of Richemont, looked at various PMICs and chose e-peas technology because of the ability to start and efficiently harvest energy at low light levels – so that poor indoor light would be sufficient to power the Swiss made replica Cartier watches. It also considered proper management of the tiny sensitive battery to be paramount to maximize lifetime; and minimal PMIC standby current, so that little power was drawn from the battery when the Cartier copy watches for sale is not being worn and is stored in a dark place.

The ultra-compact PMIC specially developed for the Swiss movements replica Cartier Tank watches has dimensions of just 2mm x 2mm, making it smaller than any other energy harvesting solution currently available, according to e-peas. The architecture only uses a few tiny external components enabling the total solution to fit into the very constrained space available in the high quality Cartier Tank super clone watches.

Cartier’s new addition to its timelessly stylish cheap Cartier Tank replica watches collection is enabling long-term energy autonomy, so wearers do not have to concern themselves with battery replacement and disposal. On average, these fake Cartier watches wholesale shop will run for a period of 16 years – using solar power to keep continuously replenishing their battery reserves. Light that is incident on certain areas of the watch dial surface is absorbed by a high-efficiency photovoltaic element. The e-peas PMIC then transfers the photovoltaic-generated electricity to the battery, which can then be utilized for driving the watch mechanism.

Geoffroy Gosset, e-peas’ CEO, said, “The number of design wins that we have gained for our energy harvesting PMICs continues to grow. Our work with replica Cartier watches site shows that we have both the technology, innovation and quality to provide industry-leading energy harvesting solutions to the best-known global brands, so that they can gain a real competitive edge.”

The senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Cartier, Arnaud Carrez, commented, “For the very first time, we are introducing an original version of the perfect fake Cartier Tank watches with a photovoltaic movement, which is utterly pioneering. It took us 4 years to develop this innovative movement with the help of Richemont Innovation and Manufacture Horlogère de Val Fleurier. Adding advanced energy harvesting capabilities to our best Cartier Tank replica watches collection allows us to provide our clients with a watch whose design and quality meet Cartier’s standards, while further reducing the Maison’s environmental footprint over its entire life cycle.

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