When The Legendary Watch Jumps On The Wrist! Cheap Canada Santos De Cartier Fake Watches Incarnates As A Gift

What kind of father do you have? For the family, work hard and move forward bravely, and see that there are delicate and sensitive ideas hidden under a strong and upright appearance. At the same time, you have a unique vision and do not blindly follow fashion. If your father is also such an image, then it just happens to be different from the characteristics of the best Santos de Cartier replica watches. coincide. The Santos de Cartier jewelry watch, designed according to the three principles of simplicity, practicality and innovation, boldly broke the popularity of pocket watches at that time in 1904 because of the desire of aviators to read the time during flight, and became a watch pioneer. The square dial is unique and outstanding, with delicate jewelry embellishment, and the design spirit of hardness and softness is like the thousands of images of your father.

A classic for generations! The Beginning of a Watch Legend: Santos de Cartier

The reason why Santos de Cartier has become a timeless classic among 1:1 Canada Cartier fake watches is that, in addition to being a pioneer of watches specially created for pilots’ timing needs and subverting the pocket watch generation, the watch also carries the pilot Albert Santos-Dumont. (Alberto Santos-Dumont) extraordinary life, with a free and uninhibited style soul, bold and adventurous spirit, achieved the extraordinary feat of taking the first hot air balloon in 1897, and invented the predecessor of the aircraft “monoplane” in 1907. , to have extraordinary achievements in the aviation world, not only to have incomparable wisdom and knowledge, but also to be decisive, full of courage and keen to study, to integrate these spirits into the watch, it is this watch that cannot be replaced. Charming.

Change and evolve! The revolution and innovation of Santos de Cartier, leading the era of diamond-set watches

How did perfect replica Santos de Cartier enter the era of diamond-set watches? Starting from the original idea of being loyal to the original work, inheriting the classic square structure of the original work, taking the straight streets of the “Paris” where the watch was born as the design concept, plus the design of the case inlaid with 206 brilliant-cut diamonds, which seems to echo the night city of Paris The shimmering light in the middle reaches a total weight of 0.64 carats, which makes the watch more valuable; the eight exposed screw decorations on the bezel are also retained. Its design seems to represent the miniature microcosm of Parisian urban architecture. The structure composed of machinery and stainless steel, The beauty of the entire Paris is transformed into the wrist, carrying the spirit, history and practicality.

The special structure design of the bezel integrates the lines of the case and the strap, the overall curve is more slender and neat, the streamline design is visually more fashionable and modern, and the form design is also more ergonomic, and it fits perfectly with the wrist when worn. In addition to the appearance features and spiritual symbols, this Swiss made copy watches is equipped with Cartier’s high-performance 1847 MC self-made movement, which is anti-magnetic to 1200 gauss, water-resistant to 100 meters, and has a level of precision comparable to COSC. In terms of function, it is equally impeccable.

The ever-changing father image depends on the strap to support the audience, and the metal chain strap and crocodile leather strap can change as you like.

Sometimes domineering and full of attitude, sometimes gentle and honest, thousands of role changes and replacement strap details can be perfectly interpreted! Equipped with the patented QuickSwitch+SmartLink system, the strap can be interchanged and adjusted as you like, and you can decide whether you want a stainless steel, yellow gold, calfskin or alligator leather strap today. Shared home with my father. In response to the trend of men wearing jewelry watches, the avant-garde attitude of changeable, textured and delicate jewelry is already the future trend. If you want to give a great gift on Father’s Day, don’t miss luxury Santos de Cartier replica watches.

The soul of the watch symbolizes the image of the father, the simple and unpretentious appearance, the steadfast and durable watch characteristics, and the courageous spirit of continuous innovation are most suitable as a gift for Father’s Day. Meticulous, avant-garde and unique jewelry embellishments allow fathers to show off their unique tastes, and classic Swiss movements Cartier super clone watches can carry more memories and values over time. Haven’t decided on this year’s Father’s Day gift yet? The legendary AAA top replica Santos de Cartier watches is your most appropriate choice!

The AAA Luxury Replica Cartier Crash Watches For Canada — La Maison’s Most Desirable And Expensive Creation

The Cartier Crash, often incorrectly called the Dali watch, dates back to 1967. That is just 55 years ago, which isn’t that long ago at all considering what this watch brought about. When the watch was launched, Cartier New York, Cartier Paris, and Cartier London were still designing their own models. The high quality Cartier Crash replica watches was one of the Cartier London designs and, therefore, only sold in the UK at that time. International sales would have been difficult since only a few pieces of the first version were made.

Interestingly, Cartier London designed and released many different models featuring their own typography style. Among them were several versions of the Tank. Despite the fact that, of course, the famous Roman numerals were used, the British designers preferred typography that looked bolder than we see today. The result was often a very strong and recognizable style, and though it differed from Cartier Paris’s look and still does, it was always unmistakably Cartier.

How did the Crash come to be?

There have been several stories regarding the inception of the 1:1 Canada fake Cartier Crash watches. For a long time, many people (including yours truly) believed that the origins stemmed from a customer who brought a watch to the London New Bond Street boutique for repair after the timepiece was involved in a car crash. However, Francesca Cartier-Brickell, the granddaughter of Jean-Jacques Cartier (head of Cartier London at the time), finally set the story straight.

In her bestselling book The Cartiers: The Untold Story of the Family Behind the Jewelry Empire, she explains that her grandfather came up with the idea to modify the Maxi Oval case design to look as though it had been in a crash. He then worked closely with Cartier designer Rupert Emmerson to make his vision a reality. I think it’s safe to say that this is how the now-famous perfect replica Cartier Crash watches came to life, and I am thrilled that the mystery is finally solved with the help of the most trusted source we can think of. Thank you, Francesca Cartier-Brickell!

For a long time, the London Crash watch could still be found for decent prices. I remember that watch dealer/collector Eric Ku saw the beauty of the watch at an early stage. He was probably the first contemporary watch collector to add the original London model to his private collection.

Believe it or not, the Cartier London Crash faced a “copycat” fairly soon after its release. In the 1960s, the small British watch brand Churchill Watch Co had the courage to release its own version of the best Cartier Crash copy watches in both yellow and white gold. And while this much larger (and actually really good-looking) watch didn’t appeal that much to collectors, it was, with its 52mm length, a perfect men’s size that looked extremely good on the wrist. Only a few years ago, these watches could still be picked up for around $5K on eBay and Chrono24. But collectors learn fast, and the Churchill Crash is impossible to find through these channels nowadays.

Honey, I shrunk the Crash

About 25 years later, in 1991, the high quality Cartier Crash replica watches was internationally re-released by Cartier Paris in a slightly smaller case. The release saw a batch of 300 pieces. One of the last times that Cartier Paris officially released a very small run of the Crash watch was in 1997. That year, La Maison released 13 Crash watches in yellow gold to mark the re-opening of the flagship store at 13 Rue de la Paix in Paris. Other than that, Cartier only produced the Crash now and then as a special order set with diamonds and presented as a ladies’ model. And don’t forget the most recent diamond-set version that was shown at Watches And Wonders 2022 (pictured above). Despite the Paris version’s 22.5mm × 38mm dimensions, the original London version was slightly larger, measuring 23mm × 43mm. Yes, the Crash watch was originally created as a men’s model!

At that time, the difference between the men’s and women’s collections was much more important than it is today. Thank God that men nowadays are slowly daring to wear a watch this small and funny-shaped. It may surprise you, but the Crash is still bought mostly by men. For the real collector, a London Crash watch was the only version to get. Some men, however, waited for the long-rumored launch of a newer and more massive Crash. This finally happened in January 2015 at SIHH in Geneva when Cartier presented a limited edition of 67 pieces in platinum.

The release was quite a surprise because it was a Cartier Crash Skeleton. It featured an in-house caliber that had been specially redesigned to fit the bizarre shape of the super clone Cartier Crash watches for sale. The overwhelming success caused Cartier to decide to launch another batch of 67 pieces, but now in pink gold. This happened just one year later in 2016. Of course, I absolutely adored the platinum model, which, unfortunately, did not fit within my budget. I often regret that I could not have found a way to make it work. In 2018, Cartier launched a new model called the Crash Radieuse in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

London calling

With its unconventional dial and diamond-set crown, it was a model that focused more or less on the women’s market. Of course, the Radieuse sold out pretty quickly, but it didn’t garner the exorbitant success that all other models experienced. But 2019 was a very important year for the Crash. I will never forget the moment that Philippa Samii Rosenschein, head of the New Bond Street boutique’s watch department, showed me a new version of the London Crash in yellow gold that was about to become available in early 2019. It was a great re-design of the original London model in yellow gold, but now with “Swiss Made” on the dial instead of the magic word “London.”

Many collectors lament the “Swiss Made” on the dial, but this is a formal and unavoidable marking. This new Cartier Crash replica watches wholesale was presented as a limited edition of 67 pieces in yellow gold with a creamy guilloché dial. However, this great reissue was only available from the London boutique, and the watches were not available all at once. Every month, the London boutique would have one piece available for one of its lucky clients who had placed an order for it. As you can imagine, it did not take long before all the 67 pieces were spoken for. Many of my Instagram watch friends got the piece, and I have seen them wearing it proudly. But some other others who did not order during the first weeks are still waiting for delivery of theirs.

How did the Crash become so popular?

Whether we like it or not, Instagram was and still is very important for watches and especially the Crash models. When a US watch dealer posted their brand-new 2019 London Crash “reissue” for sale to make a profit, it created quite a tumult among collectors. It was the first new London Crash that was offered on Chrono24 for a much higher price than retail. But the hype got real when well-known collectors Eric Ku and Roni M posted their custom-order 2019 London fake Cartier Crash watches paypal on Instagram.

Eric’s yellow gold version sported a metallic blue dial, gold Roman numerals, and a sapphire cabochon in the crown. His white gold version showed his signature engraved on the back, a black dial, and a jade cabochon. Roni’s custom Crash was also equipped with a black dial and an onyx cabochon in the crown. And even more custom pieces began showing up after that, like the one that Wei Koh ordered with Super-LumiNova numerals. All these amazing-looking pieces created quite a demand for the Custom Order Department at Cartier. In my previous article about custom orders, you can see a collection of amazing Tank Cintrée, Santos Dumont, and other models that were ordered as custom pieces.

What made the Crash the most wanted Cartier watch

Due to the hype, shortage, and subsequent unavailability of the Crash, the business instinct of some collectors comes to the fore, and now and then, China Cartier Crash replica watches comes up for auction. The results have ranged from amazing to extraordinary. It is safe to say that Cartier’s shaped watches have broken unexpected auction records in the last few years. For a short time, the most expensive watch was a Cartier Crash that went for $816,158 at a Geneva auction. It was about three-and-a-half times the price of another Crash offered by Christie’s, which had hammered for $225,000 (before premiums). But the bomb exploded when Erik Ku auctioned a vintage London Crash for one of his clients. It fetched an astonishing $1,500,000.

These astronomical figures certainly make the watch desirable to a questionable group of people. However, let’s not forget that the extreme exclusivity of the model is actually more important and makes the watch so attractive for serious collectors. This is why it’s so important that Cartier itself treasures the Crash and should aim to keep it as exclusive as possible.

Where is the Crash today, and what are your chances of getting one?

This is a tough question that I get very often. The Crash is not available from any of the Cartier boutiques worldwide, and since the 67 pieces that Cartier London released in 2019 are all sold out, auctions at Phillips, Sotheby’s, LoupeThis, Christie’s, and Antiquorum are your only option. Unfortunately, this is not an easy route to take if you’re unfamiliar with this way of buying art or jewelry.

Were auctions more straightforward 15 years ago than they are today? Has the audience and the way the auctions are being organized changed dramatically? More and more people are investing in cheap fake Cartier watches, serious collectors seemingly have unlimited budgets, and following an auction and bidding online is now as easy as playing cards. Besides that, every “grail” watch offered for sale at an auction is seen by collectors all over the world, and pictures of the watch have often been posted and promoted on Instagram many times before the auction even opens.

My suggestion

I honestly think that aiming for other shaped Cartier models — the Tank Asymétrique or the Cloche, for example — is a much better, less stressful, and almost equally satisfying solution. These top Cartier replica watches come close to the eye-catching effect that the Crash has, and in daily life, they are more wearable.

Unique High Quality Canada Fake Cartier Cheich Watches Awarded To Paris-Dakar Racing Legend Gaston Rahier Appears At Auction

Most people have heard of the Paris-Dakar Rally, the grueling motorsport event that began in 1979 as a 6,200 mile race from France to Senegal via the Sahara desert – but who can remember the Cartier Challenge?

The world’s toughest off-road competition and the high-end jeweller may seem worlds apart, but they came together 39 years ago in an unlikely collaboration to be remembered in the sale of unique AAA Cartier replica watches that is now tipped to fetch as much as €400,000 at auction.

The story dates back to the start of the fifth Paris-Dakar in 1983, when the then Cartier CEO Alain Dominique Perrin approached the event’s founder Thierry Sabine with the idea of offering a glittering prize to anyone who could achieve what both men considered impossible: to win the Paris-Dakar two years in succession using the same category of vehicle.

But the pair had not counted on the remarkable talent and superhuman endurance of diminutive Belgian motorcycle racer Gaston Rahier, the triple 125cc motocross world champion who, after giving up scrambling, became a BMW-mounted rally raid superstar.

No sooner had the Cartier Challenge been announced than Mr Rahier clinched victory in the 1984 event, and proceeded to follow it up with a win in 1985 – thus meeting the requirements of ‘the challenge’.

His prize was the decidedly, er, unusual best Canada fake Cartier ‘Cheich’ watches which will be offered for sale direct from his family at Sotheby’s Paris in September.

Inspired by the rally’s logo – the silhouetted face of a Tuareg tribesman wearing the traditional cotton head protector known as a ‘cheich’ – the perfect replica Cartier watches is forged from three colours of 18 carat gold (white, rose and yellow) to create a monumental case that meticulously replicates every one of the garment’s soft folds.

Nestled within them is typical Swiss made copy Cartier dress watches dial with a rectangular central minutes track, hour markers in the form of a combination of batons and Roman numerals and a winding crown set with the maker’s signature blue cabochon.

Such is the design of the case that conventional lugs could not be used – instead, the leather band passes ‘invisibly’ through the back.

As well as that original strap, the 1:1 top Cartier replica watches is also accompanied by the bespoke case in which it was presented to Mr Rahier, the lid of which carries the legend ‘Trophee Paris Alger Dakar’ in gold script.

Only three luxury super clone Cartier Cheich watches are known to have been created: the one awarded to Mr Rahier; another for a potential woman winner and a third made in 1985 for anyone else who achieved the necessary ‘double’.

In the event, the Cartier Challenge came to an end almost as quickly as it had begun due to the sudden death of Thierry Sabine in a helicopter crash that was caused by a sandstorm towards the end of the 1986 event.

The other two examples of the Cheich remain in China fake Cartier watches’ historic collection and will never be sold – meaning that the sale of Mr Rahier’s, the only one ever to have been awarded, is likely to represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If recent sales of vintage Cartier replica watches shop site are anything to go by, however, potential buyers will need deep pockets – in May, online auction site Loupe This sold a 1967 ‘Crash’ model for $1.65m.

But while no more than a couple of dozen examples of the original Crash are thought to have been made, it is positively commonplace compared with the Cheich.

So those with ‘only’ Euros 400,000 to spend may be left wanting.

Lilibet Could Inherit Six Items From Diana’s Jewellery Collection And Perfect Canada Cartier Replica Watches Worth Over £700,000

LILIBET Mountbatten-Windsor is one of two of the late Princess Diana’s granddaughters, and as such she could inherit six jewellery items including AAA Canada Cartier replica watches worth more than £700,000 when she is older.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are besotted by their two children Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor, and Harry said in a recent interview he feels his late mother’s presence “in almost everything” that he does. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex keep Princess Diana’s memory alive in many ways, and Meghan famously pays tribute to her by wearing some of her iconic jewellery for important occasions. As their only daughter, Lilibet will likely inherit many of these precious pieces and high quality Cartier copy watches in the future.

Daniel O’Farrell, Founder, Bespoke Jeweller and Diamond Expert at DC Jewellery, told Express.co.uk: “It is hard to ascertain which heirlooms Lilibet could inherit, apart from the best Swiss Cartier super clone watches that already exist in Harry and Meghan’s collection.

“To the best of public knowledge, Meghan has inherited Diana’s dainty gold butterfly studs encrusted with diamonds and blue stones that Princess Di wore on a trip to Canada in 1986.

“Meghan has also inherited Diana’s gold and cabochon sapphire cuff worth more than £20,000, a Cartier diamond tennis bracelet worth more than £17,000 and Diana’s famous top replica Cartier Tank watches worth more than £17,000 when it was gifted to her for her 21st birthday.

“The Cartier Tank fake watches wholesale is one of Diana’s most coveted heirlooms, which was originally allocated to Prince William who swapped it for Diana’s sapphire engagement ring that was originally allocated to Prince Harry. It would be worth more than £500,000 today.”

Mr O’Farrell also highlighted Meghan’s engagement ring, which features stones from Princess Diana’s collection, is likely worth a six-figure sum.

He said: “[Meghan’s] gold engagement ring designed by Prince Harry is very special indeed, because its central diamond, sourced by Harry from Botswana, is flanked on both sides by two smaller diamonds from her late mother-in-law Princess Diana’s own collection.

“Prince Harry’s heartwarming purpose behind the stones was so that his mother could always be present with them on their ‘crazy journey together’.

“A ring of such priceless significance is worth more than £120,000.”

Meghan also owns Diana’s famous aquamarine ring which she used to wear after her divorce from Prince Charles was finalised in 1996.

Mr O’Farrell added: “Meghan wore Diana’s iconic aquamarine ring as her ‘something blue’ to her wedding reception in 2018.

“Designed by Asprey, the ring is set in 24-carat gold and features a massive emerald-cut aquamarine of potentially more than 30 carats, flanked by smaller solitaire diamonds.

“This priceless heirloom that matched Princess Diana’s eyes is well worth more than £75,000.”

Tom Cruise Showcases Two Canada 1:1 Best Cartier Fake Watches While Promoting ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Movies are Tom Cruise’s true passion, but he cares about other things, too. Like watches.

The Top Gun: Maverick star has taken advantage of the return of the multi-week, globe-spanning publicity tour to show off his horological taste. Last week, that meant wearing not one but two exquisite Swiss made Cartier replica watches while promoting the blockbuster in South Korea.

The first of those timepieces, high quality fake Calibre de Cartier chronograph watches, could be seen on the actor’s wrist as soon as he got off the plane at Gimpo Airport in Seoul. The perfect Cartier replica watches was introduced by the French brand in 2010 and was its first powered by an in-house movement, hence its name. Unlike top Canada replica Cartier watches’ most famous model, the Tank, it features a round 42 mm stainless-steel case that is attached to a matching bracelet by some rather prominent lugs. Under its scratch-resistant crystal is a white face with prominent Roman numeral hour markers, luminous hands, 12-hour and 30-minute sub-dial and a date aperture at 6 o’clock. It has a power reserve of 48 hours and is water-resistant to up to 328 feet. No longer in production, it can regularly be found at online marketplaces, like Chrono24, for a little over $9,000.

Cruise displayed another Cartier, this time cheap fake Santos de Cartier watches, days later at a press event in South Korea’s capital city. Unlike the Calibre, it has the rectangular shape that the luxury copy Cartier watches are most commonly associated with. The timepiece, which GQ notes was designed at the behest of pilot Alberto Cartier Santos Dumont super clone watches wholesale, has a 39.8 mm stainless steel case that houses a silvered opaline dial with Roman numeral hour markers, blue sword-shaped hands and a date window at 6 o’clock. At its heart is the calibre 1847 MC automatic winding movement and it’s also water-resistant up to 328 feet. Unlike the actor’s other watch, it’s still in production and is available directly from the brand for $7450.

Cruise may have only worn Cartier replica watches shop site in South Korea, but he’s not a one-brand timepiece kind of guy. When Top Gun: Maverick premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May, an ultra-thin Vacheron Constantin peeked out of the cuff of his tuxedo. And in the film itself, his titular character can be seen wearing a Porsche Design chronograph.

New Canada AAA Replica Cartier Masse Mystérieuse Watches Of 2022

2022 has been an interesting year so far, horologically-speaking. This is on the back of a more muted 2021, where the COVID pandemic had put a halt on 1:1 Canada Cartier replica watches exhibitions and launches.

On the back of Watches and Wonders 2022, we saw quite a remarkable effort from the different players in the industry – notably to make up for the lost time over the last two years. There are definitely more quality novelties this year, and the introduction of a few rather incredible pieces that had impressed us tremendously.

Since we are almost closing in on the first half of 2022, we thought that it might just be an appropriate time for us to take a quick review on some of our favourite high quality Cartier fake watches this year. What have we selected? Let us find out!

Cartier Masse Mystérieuse Replica Watches

The perfect replica Cartier Masse Mystérieuse watches, in our opinion, is perhaps the highlight of the entire Watches & Wonders 2022.

There is always something special about best copy Cartier’s “Mystery” collection watches, but this particular rendition is definitely the best one that we have seen yet. While it may appear to be simple two-hand Swiss made Cartier replica watches on paper, the technicalities that went behind this piece is simply extraordinary. Here, we have a timepiece whose movement is encapsulated in its winding rotor, on top of its already intriguing set of “invisible” gear trains. In addition, the rotor is skeletonised, which allows one to have a glimpse into the luxury Cartier super clone watches’ movement.

Collectors and enthusiasts have always viewed replica Cartier watches for sale as a brand that focuses heavily on its designs – and we readily admit to that as well. The Masse Mystérieuse, however, shows us this other side of Cartier that is rarely seen. The Cartier fake watches online store is priced at €250,000 (approximately SGD 365,150), and it is a limited edition timepiece with only 30 pieces available in platinum.

Notable Collectors On Their Favorite Canada High Quality Fake Cartier Watches Of 2022

As we approach the second half of 2022, we thought we’d check in with a global coterie of collectors to see what the most discerning AAA Canada Cartier replica watches lovers in the world had to say about the year’s timepiece introductions so far—particularly now that in-person events, such as, Watches and Wonders Geneva, have restarted.

The 10 people we spoke to agreed on at least one thing: “After a two-year void, it was wonderful to see creativity on display,” said Roni Madhvani, director of the Madhvani Group in Kampala, Uganda.

“Either happily or sadly, I can’t talk about several of the most impressive perfect Cartier fake watches I saw, as they are still cloaked in secrecy awaiting launches in the coming months,” said collector Gary Getz. “But the variety, quality, and creativity of 2022’s new introductions are going to make for a splendid year.”

Auro Montinari

Bologna, Italy-based executive and author (a.k.a. John Goldberger)

During the first quarter of the year, the watch brands launched many new wristwatches and I was impressed by very few models. During Watches and Wonders, I visited the Cartier booth and I wore on my wrist the incredible best replica Cartier Crash Tigrée Métamorphoses watches inspired by African wildlife, a reinterpretation of the iconic watch born in London at the end of the ’60s. To create this watch, luxury Cartier copy watches’ artisans used a compendium of crafts, including gold engraving, enameling and diamond setting. Unfortunately, the Swiss made Cartier super clone watches is a limited edition of only 50 examples!

Roni Madhvani

Director of the Madhvani Group, Kampala, Uganda

I have 2 favorites from Watches and Wonders and both are Cartier fake watches for sale:

The 1:1 online replica Cartier Tank Chinoise Limited Edition Skelton Lacquer watches. In my eyes, Cartier has always been about design from its very beginnings and not just watches but beyond. The top fake Cartier Tank Chinoise watches is a stunningly beautiful creation that lives up to the maison and its heart and pulse of creativity. It successfully embodies the past of the historic Chinoise model with its Art Deco roots and brings in modernity and takes the theme of the watch to another level with the enameling, beautifully set in a skeleton movement.

The Santos Dumont steel case/black dial: Whilst there are of course many beautiful cheap Cartier replica watches from all brands at Watches and Wonders, to find iconic and beautiful timepieces that are somewhat affordable was a challenge. The steel case/black dial new Santos Dumont fits the bill and makes a stunning classic available at the entry level for new discerning collectors, which is important for the passion to grow.

Paul Mescal Is Taking Cannes By Storm With Top Canada Cartier Replica Watches

Paul Mescal’s rise has been swift, and deservedly so. Just over two years ago, the now 26-year-old Maynooth native was a recent graduate of Trinity College Dublin’s The Lir Academy and relatively unknown, barring his appearance in a number of notable theatrical productions. Then came Normal People, the devastatingly sexy (and just plain devastating) BBC adaptation of Sally Rooney’s beloved bestseller of the same name, which made him and his radiant costar, Daisy Edgar-Jones, household names. He gained a dedicated, borderline hysterical fan base; inspired an Instagram account that honed in on his character Connell’s silver chain; secured an Emmy nomination; won a BAFTA TV award; and followed it up with an impressive feature debut, a crucial supporting part in Maggie Gyllenhaal’s The Lost Daughter alongside Olivia Colman and Dakota Johnson. But now, he’s about to enter the next stage of his career—and it begins at Cannes.

The actor is at the 75th edition of the prestigious festival to premiere two sweeping dramas in which he has complex leading roles. The first is Saela Davis and Anna Rose Holmer’s God’s Creatures, a gripping thriller set on the Irish coast following a mysterious man (Mescal) who is accused of a terrible crime that his devoted mother (industry veteran Emily Watson) can’t possibly imagine him committing. The second is Charlotte Wells’s delicate, touching Aftersun, in which he’s cast as a divorcé on a summer holiday in Turkey with his young daughter (extraordinary newcomer Francesca Corio). Both films have been met with rave reviews, particularly for Mescal’s measured, nuanced performances. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also just been announced as high quality Cartier replica watches’ latest brand ambassador, and wore the historic maison’s best Canada copy Cartier watches and jewelry as he strolled down the Croisette.

Here, we catch up with Mescal to discuss his temptation to flee during a Cannes standing ovation, what he thinks of Conversations With Friends, and the reason he’ll be keeping his new mustache.

Vogue: So, you’re at Cannes right now. What’s it been like so far?

Paul Mescal: Yeah, it’s my first time at the Cannes Film Festival. It’s a pretty full-on experience. It’s something I’ve watched from afar for so long, so to be thrust into the middle of it is a lot. At the moment, it feels like the city is moving at such a rapid pace, and to see all of this culture happening all around you—it’s really, really exciting.

It’s rare to be going there for the first time with two films you have leading roles in, both of which have been getting such great reviews. Firstly, tell me about God’s Creatures, the psychological drama where Emily Watson plays your mum. How did you get involved?

It’s probably one of the first scripts that I came across after Normal People. I read it and felt like the character was something very different from what audiences have seen me do, and I was very keen to do it. We shot it last year. Emily Watson is on another level. I knew that from the day we started working together, but to see that translate onto the big screen last week was just amazing. We got a standing ovation. I don’t know, maybe it’s an Irish thing but, at a certain point, I think we collectively got a little uncomfortable. It felt like the right time to leave, but we were informed that nobody had walked out of their own standing ovation, ever. It’s a weird feeling when people are applauding, a lovely feeling but weird because you’re right in the middle of it in a seat, so you’re kind of trapped. [Laughs.] But, obviously, it’s been great to see all the love for the film.

And you’ve had Aftersun debut, too, in which you play a father. Was it, once again, a conscious decision on your part to do something very different?

That was a script I read when I was prepping for God’s Creatures and immediately fell in love with it, so I went after it and auditioned. I don’t think it was about wanting to do something different. I really liked the character and talking to [director] Charlotte [Wells] about him. I wanted to see if she thought that I could do it. I was kind of convincing myself like, “Of course, I can do this.” There are certain things in the film that protect me [and] which I’m grateful for—like he’s a young father, and that’s clearly referenced in the script.

Cannes has also been significant for you because you just made your red carpet debut as perfect Swiss replica Cartier watches ambassador. How has that felt? What have been your favorite pieces to wear so far? I know you love a brooch.

I’m a massive fan of their brooches. There’s just something that comes with wearing pieces like that. I’ve never felt more elegant in my entire life. [Laughs.] And the AAAA wholesale Cartier fake watches, too. They’re stunning. It’s a huge honor to be associated with a brand that has been at the forefront of high-end jewelry for more than a century. It’s not something I ever anticipated for myself, but here we are, in Cannes announcing an ambassadorship with cheap Cartier super clone watches online. It doesn’t feel very real at the moment.

It’s funny to think that it’s now been two years since Normal People premiered. How much has your life changed over this period of time?

On the surface, it’s changed drastically, but in other ways, the same things are happening that were happening when I was shooting Normal People. I go to work, get time off, and go to work again. [Laughs.] It sounds reductive but that’s kind of how I see it. Normal People has afforded me the opportunity to do films that I really believe in. I did The Lost Daughter, but I have more prominent roles in these new films and now they have an audience in front of them. That’s the main difference but I don’t think my daily life has changed all that much.

I know you recently hung out with your Normal People costar, Daisy Edgar-Jones, at the Met Gala. She’s been going from strength to strength, too. What’s that been like for you to see?

It’s just been so nice. Our schedules have lined up and we both had some time off recently so we’ve been able to hang out instead of missing FaceTimes with each other. It’s been such a great couple of months. She’s so supremely talented. I know I’m going to spend the rest of my professional life watching Daisy do amazing work. I feel no sense of surprise, but just an immense sense of pride. Where the Crawdads Sing is out soon and I know that people are going to absolutely love it. The book is so popular and she’s at the center of the story. It’s incredible to see one of my best friends experiencing something on such a big stage.

And have you had a chance to watch Conversations With Friends yet?

I’m five episodes in and I’m loving every second of it. It understands the world of Sally Rooney in a way that is so profound. I’m looking forward to finishing it. I actually had more episodes downloaded for the plane, but the other episodes failed so I was fuming. Just so upset. [Laughs.] I’m fully invested. The performances from Alison [Oliver], Joe [Alwyn], and everyone across the board are so detailed. The characters feel familiar to me. I feel like all of Sally’s characters speak a similar language. And Alison’s a friend of mine. She was at The Lir [Academy in Dublin] a few years below me. I’m going to see her next week actually.

Joe recently spoke about the WhatsApp group you’re both in called The Tortured Man Club. What did you talk about as he was preparing for the show?

We talked about how desperately sad Sally’s male characters are. [Laughs.] And the fact that that’s what a lot of people are going to associate with both of us for a long time in our careers. But, there’s really nothing better than playing a Sally Rooney character.

Up next, we’ll see you in a modern-day version of Carmen and the sci-fi thriller Foe with Saoirse Ronan, and after that, the romantic epic The History of Sound with Josh O’Connor. What can you tell us about these projects?

Saoirse is the most prepared actor I’ve ever worked with. There’s no tiredness. She’s also now a really good pal of mine. I haven’t seen Foe yet, but I’m really proud of having worked on it. With The History of Sound, we have to wait and see. I’m so excited to work with Josh and really want to make that film, but I have no idea when it’s going to shoot.

And very finally, there’s been a lot of discussion around your new mustache. Is it for a role or just for fun?

It started out for fun, but then I was doing a Zoom with a director I’m going to be working with next, and he was like, “Do not touch your face.” So now, it’s technically for a role. I quite like it!

Canada Top Cartier Fake Watches’ Marie-Laure Cérède: ‘Humility And Doubt Are Creation’s Best Allies’

My personal style signifier is always my watch. Currently I switch between my luxury replica Cartier Libre bracelet watches and the Crash watches – a design I fell for even before I joined the company. It’s original and singular, a quintessential Cartier design. The Crash was inspired by AAA Canada fake Cartier watches that had been crushed in an accident, and the Radieuse is an especially creative piece because we “crashed” it twice. It makes me proud to wear it.

The last thing I bought and loved was a natural sapphire, which has an intoxicating blue colour. I like stones that are imperfect. I’m not always a fan of sapphires but this one has such an intense, incredible blue – I didn’t hesitate at all when I bought it.

The place that means a lot to me is Talloires on Lake Annecy in France. I’m a Cancer and I like water; this place, where some of my family live and where I have roots, is especially meditative. There is an old church with views onto the lake where I like to sit, for the silence. It’s simple and easy. Everything is static. Cézanne painted the lake and it always feels like a work of art to me.

My style icon is “La Panthère”, Jeanne Toussaint [best super clone Cartier watches’ artistic director of high jewellery from 1933 to 1970]. She was eccentric and visionary and dared to do things that nobody had done before. The genesis of perfect Cartier replica watches is all about this audacity. Toussaint was the first to mix diverse influences and colours, creating harmony with antagonistic elements.

The best gift I’ve received is pastries from Yann Brys, who was once named France’s best craftsman. His pastries are so beautiful and refined. He creates not only the recipes and pastry, but also the moulds. He’s an artist and sculptor.

The last music I downloaded was “Le Jeune” by QuinzeQuinze, for the hypnotic drum beats, and “Feather” by Nujabes, for its flow and the introspective mood it creates. My tastes and inspirations change often, but these two songs remain in heavy rotation.

In my fridge you’ll always find niche red wines from Languedoc, some Cantal cheese for nibbling and 10 varieties of mustard. My grandmother served Cantal at every meal. The wines I like for their generous and fruity notes but also the small domaines such as Le Loup dans la Bergerie. As for the mustard, I’ve always been a fan – I grew up eating spicy African food and when I returned to France I wanted to find something to compete with these flavours. It’s fun to see how inventive the French can be with a simple product.

The best book I’ve read in the past year is Sur les Chemins Noirs by Sylvain Tesson, a story about resilience, returning to nature and silence. It’s a metaphor about accidents and the path life can sometimes take. Tesson writes like a poet with so much humility. It gives you faith for the future.

I’ve recently rediscovered the pleasure of a morning coffee at the counter of a French bistrot. So simple, so satisfying. My favourite is Le Saint-Gervais – it’s authentic and close to a pretty square. 96 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris

An indulgence I would never forgo is curiosity. It lets me indulge in discovery – and in life. I try to let my curiosity run wild as often as possible, whether that’s visiting a museum or plunging myself into nature. I’ve set up my studio to be a place that welcomes a spirit of inquiry. It is calm and full of light, with a warm atmosphere.

The podcast I’m listening to is Le Masque et la Plume by France Inter. I like the critics’ vast knowledge – on art, theatre, everything – but if I’m honest, I really love the scathing humour. It’s very Parisian. It’s caustic, politically incorrect and makes me laugh.

In another life, I would have been a dancer. I danced six hours a week until I was 30. Dance elevates emotion in a way that has always moved me. It’s in you – it’s a way to express and to test many things.

The last accessory I added to my wardrobe was an embroidered headband made by my good friend Aurélie Lanoiselée. She’s a genius in terms of embroidery, and has really invented her own techniques. The headband has two sides and you can wear it in multiple ways. It’s a small piece of fabric but so precious in how it’s made.

An object I would never part with is my books, and Le Penseur, by Kouka, a young French-Congolese contemporary artist. His work centres on the quest for identity and origin, with his thinker a Bantu warrior who represents universal man.

My favourite location is Jeanne Lanvin’s bathroom at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Created in the 1920s by Armand-Albert Rateau, it reveals the artist’s taste for Persian antiquity by mixing rare materials, like the marble that recalls hammams and ancient baths. I like its eclecticism; for me, beauty resides in the ability to create harmony with elements of various – and sometimes antagonistic – origins. Every detail in this bathroom has meaning. It’s the definition of chic.

The one artist whose work I would collect if I could is Claire Tabouret. She was my first art crush when I came across her about 20 years ago. Her work hit me like a thunderbolt. It was old-fashioned in a way, her portraits going beyond the simple face of the subjects. They create an emotion that combines seriousness with beauty, plus she works on themes close to my heart, such as her Migrants series.

The best bit of advice I ever received was that humility and doubt are creation’s best allies. You must question yourself and imagine all the options. This is how I try to create with my team. Only after trying everything can I say yes. It’s not just about creating something decorative but about adding sense to what you make.

The thing I couldn’t do without is silence. Most days it is a precious commodity, so I have to seek it out. I need silence to reflect and create.

The works of art that changed everything for me were Pierre Soulages and his “Beyond Black” paintings. To create so many different emotions, paintings and textures around one colour is incredible. I draw a parallel with Swiss made Cartier copy watches, which is about creating under constraints. Soulages took on a complex challenge – to create something new every time on the same subject.

I have a collection of jewellery from all over the world. I buy them on my travels – I love vintage pieces, especially rings from the art deco period and the 1970s, but it’s more about how it’s made. And the stone.

Some of my best ideas have come in the middle of the night. My creative process kicks into gear during my sleep. I think my brain analyses the day’s experiences then rearranges them like a puzzle. I try not to question the process too much, and instead appreciate that it happens.

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