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CPCP is very unique in the history of Cartier, while it is also ephemeral. The attractive collection was launched in 1998 and it disappeared in 2008. Among those few CPCP watches, the one that combines the appearance, function, movement and stories must be the “Monopoussoir”.

The blue hands and black Roman numerals hour markers ensure the good readability.
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In 1928, Cartier launched a first chronograph that adopted the special turtle case, Breguet hands, Roman numerals hour markers and special movement from Jaeger-LeCoultre. As the classic model in brand’s history, the “Monopoussoir” was naturally reproduced after the CPCP launched in 1998. In addition to the turtle case, the most distinctive part of this fake model with silver dial is the single button chronograph.

The Cartier CPCP watches have attracted numerous watch collectors.
Blue Hands Replica Cartier CPCP

The reason why this “Monopoussoir” is a different CPCP is that its movement is quite impressive. The movement of the antique  “Monopoussoir” is from the Jaeger-LeCoultre. While the CPCP special edition can’t find the suitable movement. Eventually Cartier found THA, which was founded by Vianney Halter、Denis Flageollet and FP.Journe. The other models of CPCP are all modified by Cartier purchased from other brands, and only this CPCP copy with brown leather strap is customized by Cartier

New Pasha De Cartier Replica Watches Canada For Cheap Sale

Cartier releases the brand-new Pasha de Cartier blockbuster. Jackson Wang, Rami Malek, Troye Sivan, Willow Smith and Maisie Williams help demonstrate the beauty of the perfect Pasha de Cartier copy watches.

The Pasha de Cartier watches decorate men and women perfectly.
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Pasha de Cartier interprets the unique concept to success with the striking and bold design. The new blockbuster was shoot by Craig McDean. The five global ambassadors wore the silver dials imitation Pasha de Cartier, presenting their persistence in expressing themselves, desire to break through the conventions, courage to challenge boundaries and their confidence to create the era.

The Pasha de Cartier is not only suitable for men, but also for women.
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The steel bracelet imitation Cartier not only attracts many modern men, but also numerous trendy women. The timepiece has perfectly reinforced the charm of Maisie Williams.